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Happy Healthy Antibiotic Free Eggs.


Raised with Love and Care

Care is taken to ensure  Hens are healthy to provide top quality eggs to you. Happy healthy and Antibiotic free.

Free Range Hens in the Kaimai Ranges

Hens can forage in paddocks like other livestock and have regular access to fresh pastures.

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Nicki's free range eggs are from hens that are not only allowed to fossick in the surrounding pasture but are rotated to ensure fresh paddocks for them, similar to other livestock. Regularly tended by the farmer that raised them to ensure not only top quality eggs but healthy, happy chickens.

Barn eggs are here- big point of difference here is the hens can go outside into a more limited space but are not enclosed . They can sunbathe and scratch around the immediate vicinity.The hens are still tended to the same high standard by the farmer.


-Nicki's Eggs are delivered around the Tauranga/Mt Maunganui area to cafes. They are supplied fresh from the farm to ensure the high quality and top culinary performance .

-Tauranga Farmers Market each Saturday from 7.45 to 12 noon at Tauranga Primary school. All year round.